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Creating Oobleck

Creating Oobleck photo

During two consecutive Fridays in February, students from Half Hallow Hills East High School part of the group Think Act Share Create visited Bowling Green Elementary School for lessons in making Oobleck.

Oobleck is a substance that can mimic the qualities of a solid or a liquid, a non-Newtonian fluid, made from a mix of cornstarch and water. The name comes from the book “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” by Dr. Seuss.

The TASC students visited fifth-grade classrooms at Bowling Green on February 1 and February 8 to help create Oobleck. They first demonstrated how the activity would proceed, then distributed a mixture to each elementary school participant and guided them in the process of stirring and creating the solution. As the substance began to form, students added food coloring to give their Oobleck its own unique look.

At the end, the group demonstrated how the forms of both liquids and solids are found in the Oobleck. The elementary school students played with their creations by manufacturing different shapes and sizes while also noticing the unique texture. 

Bowling Green thanks the TASC students for bringing a fun and creative lesson to the fifth-graders.

Parent-led science lesson

Parent-led science lesson photo

Parent volunteer Paxton Provitera visited three classrooms on February 11 at Barnum Woods Elementary School to give physical demonstrations on various science topics.

Mr. Provitera came prepared with models, supplies and props to showcase the many different ways in which science is everywhere as well as the fun it presents. He also supplied each student with their own lab coat and gloves to make the lesson hands-on. 

One of the demonstrations illustrated the way mountains form by using cool whip, graham crackers and water. Other exhibits, included lessons on how lungs work in a human body, how the esophagus moves food in the body and how a hydro lift moves up and down.  Visual models were created through the use of household items. 

The lesson concluded with the grand finale, which showed how a volcano works. Students were excited to watch vinegar go through a water bottle and mix with baking soda to create a mini-explosion that simulated a volcanic eruption.

“We thank Mr. Provitera for providing a visual and exciting science lesson for our students,” said second-grade teacher Barbara Vicino. 

Kid reporters


Students in Patricia King’s fourth-grade class at Bowling Green Elementary School have been selected as Kidsday Reporters for the Newsday’s Kidsday Class of the Week.

Along with Kidsday editor Pat Mullooly, students wrote and edited articles to be featured in Newsday’s Class of the Week on June 15 and June 17-22. Mr. Mullooly visited Ms. King’s classroom to help the young reporters brainstorm ideas for their articles as well as to advise them on problems sent in by other Kidsday classrooms. Students were asked to come up with five solutions for each problem presented by Mr. Mullooly. 

As part of the project, four students also had the opportunity to attend the New York Tennis Open at Nassau Coliseum on February 9. Students Platonas Demosthenous, Phoebe Falk, Daniel Guevara and Ella Jacobs had the opportunity to interview tennis pros Andy Roddick and Jim Courier.

The district looks forward to seeing these talented reporters appear in Newsday in June!

Parading in the New Year

Parading in the New Year photo

On February 8, students lined the hallways at Meadowbrook Elementary School for a parade that celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year. Festivities for this new year, which represents the Year of the Pig, officially began for the Chinese culture on February 5.

In preparation for the parade, students created decorations including a four-piece dragon crafted out of confetti, cardboard and paper. Hats were made out of paper and many students focused on the Year of the Pig as the highlight of their creations.

On the day of the parade, Chinese Festival music was played over the school’s PA system as the third-grade and ENL students marched through building. Some dressed in traditional festival outfits while others waved ribbons and carried the constructed dragon. They were met with cheers from peers in the other grades who showed excitement for the New Year.

Those at Meadowbrook enjoyed coming together to celebrate the Year of the Pig!

Showcasing Community Passion

Showcasing Community Passion photo

Students and staff members at East Meadow High School are being encouraged to wear pink and/or red every Friday throughout the month of February to demonstrate their love and passion for their school and community.

Thank you to everyone for participating and showing their pride for East Meadow!

Collecting the Bling

Collecting the Bling photo
Meadowbrook Elementary School promoted its Pennies for Patients Drive, in association with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by hosting a Nickel, Dime, Quarter Day on February 8.

The school encouraged students and staff members to wear “bling” or “shiny” outfits to promote the goal of raising $3,000 for the society through donated change. Individuals also had the option to wear superhero shirts to illustrate being a hero for those in need.

Pennies for Patients is a science-based, service learning program created by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The drive helps to connect schools with local blood cancer patients, while also providing tangible life skills to the students and allowing them to see the impact they are making in the lives of others. 

The district thanks all the Meadowbrook participants for their efforts in supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

Souper Food Drive

Souper Food Drive photo
W.T. Clarke Middle School honored this year’s Super Bowl on February 1 by hosting the annual Team up for Kindness Day Souper Bowl Food Drive.

Students and staff members were each encouraged to wear their favorite team jersey to school and bring a non-perishable food item to show their spirit and to help those less fortunate.

All food contributions were donated to Island Harvest.

Award-Worthy Journalism

Award-Worthy Journalism photo

East Meadow High School seniors in Daniel Vogelsberg’s journalism class, along with members of The Jet Gazette, attended the Adelphi University Press Day and Quill Awards on February 6. Four of the paper’s contributors were honored with awards.

Julia Cuttone was presented with a first-place plaque in the category of “Best Freelance Work.” Meanwhile, third place awards were earned by Sabeen Siddiqui for “Best Arts Review,” Erik Davis for “Best Photograph” and Ridannelyn Gallo for “Best Illustration or Cartoon.”

In addition to the award ceremony, students participated in panel discussion, question and answer segments and breakout sessions to dive into various areas of the media industry. Press Day is part of Adelphi’s Annual High School Special Event Series. 

“We are all proud of the hard work from our paper’s contributors and the Gazette’s staff is looking forward to next year’s Press Day,” said Mr. Vogelsberg. 

Registration Open for Summer Music Program

Registration Open for Summer Music Program photo
Registration Open for Summer Music Program photo 2
Registration Open for Summer Music Program photo 3
Registration for the District Music Department’s summer music program is now open!

The program runs from July 1 through August 2 at East Meadow High School and is open to all Nassau County residents. Additionally, there are in-district rates for East Meadow residents. To register, please visit Please visit the attached PDF for more information. 


Reporting on Natural Disasters

Reporting on Natural Disasters photo

Fourth-grade students at the East Meadow School District’s Parkway Elementary School turned toward potential careers in news reporting during a project on natural disasters.

Throughout the end of January and into February, students chose a natural disaster to research. The investigating was done through the building’s Google Chromebooks as well as books from the school’s library. After looking into natural disasters and the cause and effects of these instances, students selected historic events to report on. Topics included such natural disasters as Superstorm Sandy and the eruption of Mount St. Helens. 

Students formed groups and began to build questions and facts. These questions and facts were incorporated into interview-style questions in which individuals reported as first- and second-hand accounts. Once scripts were developed, each class used the application Do Ink to record a news broadcast with a green screen background.

Each group chose images to replace the green screen, making for backdrops that included the News 12 studio and pictures from various disasters. A personal photo of damage caused by Superstorm Sandy was among the selections. The “in-studio” interviews, recorded on iPads and iPhones, each featured one student that acted as an expert on their topic and then transitioned to the field, where a student reporter spoke to a classmate who shared first-hand experience.

As a next step, students are scheduled to edit and create news reels by using iMovie, and will eventually transfer each video into a Google Slides presentation utilizing Google Chromebooks. The final product and debut of the newscasts will be showcased to parents and peers in the future. 

Looking to Knock Out Heart Disease

Looking to Knock Out Heart Disease photo
Students at the East Meadow School District’s W.T. Clarke Middle School participated in a two-day Hoops for Heart event to help raise money for the American Heart Association. 

On January 23 and 24, all students participated in a knock-out basketball contest during their physical education classes. Class winners advanced to the final, held after school on January 25. The overall winner was eighth-grader Tyseer Rahman, who was presented with a Hoops for Heart basketball.
The school congratulates all the class winners along with Tyseer. Eighth-graders Sophie Aprea, Emily Brown, Isabella Canzoneri, James DeSimone and James Papacostas; seventh-graders Jadon Chang, Aanya Mehta, Maddie Millman and Dominic Murawski and sixth-graders Caleb DaRocha, Jack Giudice, Cole Kaufer and Jack Morovich, each earned spots in the final as class champions.

Donations are being collected until February 14 as the W.T. Clarke community looks to further their support of the American Heart Association.                                                                

Students go red

Students go red photo
Students and teachers at Bowling Green Elementary School took part in National Wear Red Day on February 1 to help spread awareness about heart disease.

National Wear Red Day is part of the initiative from the American Heart Association to open February as American Heart Month. This annual event was created to bring awareness to heart disease and stroke. 

Parkway Students Read Aloud

Parkway Students Read Aloud photo

The East Meadow School District’s Parkway Elementary School celebrated World Read Aloud Day on February 1 with several classroom activities throughout the building.

A highlight was an initiative in which fifth-grade students visited kindergarten, first- and second-grade classes with their favorite books. Each fifth-grader read to their younger peers while also asking questions to create an engaging literacy lesson.

The fifth-graders researched some of their favorite books prior to choosing one to showcase. Upon making their selections, the students created questions on post-it notes that they adhered into certain areas of the books in order to bring an interactive component into the activity by having the younger students answer the presented questions.  

“This is a great way to help promote literacy in our district as our fifth-graders engaged the younger students in their favorite books and how reading can be fun,” said Principal Jamie Mack.

VIDEO: January in Review


Braille Challenge Returns to W.T. Clarke


The 12th Annual Long Island Regional Braille Challenge returned to W.T. Clarke High School on February 2 as the District hosted students, families and volunteers.

The Braille Challenge is an academic competition developed by the Braille Institute to motivate school-aged visually impaired or blind children to continue their study of Braille.

Visitors were welcomed by members of the W.T. Clarke High School band, and participants marched into the school’s cafeteria for the opening ceremony while district officials, families and community members cheered.

Braille Challenge Coordinator and teacher of the visually impaired Petra Tarrant welcomed the day’s guests and students before introducing 15-year-old Kaleigh Brendle. Kaleigh, a New Jersey native, delivered a remarkable rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” to kick off the event. It was announced that Kaleigh has already qualified for the national competition in June at the Braille Institute’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

Among those on hand to greet the attendees were Superintendent of School Dr. Kenneth A. Card, Jr., W.T. Clarke High School Principal Timothy Voels, W.T. Clarke Middle School Principal Stacy Breslin, Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services Patrice Dobies and Board of Education member Marcee Rubinstein.

“It is always an honor to host this Challenge as a district and I want to wish all the best to today’s participants,” said Dr. Card. 

Principal Voels added a thank you to all of the parents, volunteers and building workers for their added dedication and commitment to this event each year. He added, “year after year it is a thrill to welcome back the students for a great day at Clarke High School.”

“This is one of my favorite days of the year,” said Ms. Dobies. “I look forward every year to see the growth of the challenge and of the students involved. Congratulations to all the participants.”

Following the introductions, students transitioned to classrooms based on their expertise level and began the day of challenges. Testing included areas of speed and accuracy, proofreading and spelling, as well as charts and graphs. Participants also took part in creating crafts and playing goalball with representatives from Camp Abilities Long Island. The students learned techniques on how to dive and block the ball, and properly roll the ball to earn points.

Other exhibit and informational tables were available to parents and students with groups from the New York Association of Blind Athletes, New York Metro Blind Hockey, New York State Commission for the Blind and the Long Island Bombers Beep Baseball Team. There was also a table where individuals could participate in a Braille book swap.

The day concluded as all participants received certificates of recognition, Braille Institute medallions and goody bags. The regional event is a qualifier for students to move on to the national competition in June. The top-60 contestants will be selected to represent their state at nationals and compete against those from across the United States and Canada.

A special thank you to the East Meadow SEPTA, Humanware, National Braille Press, New York Institute for Special Education, and Seedlings Braille Books for Children for all of their generous donations. 

Riding the Wave of Information

Riding the Wave of Information photo

The entire fourth-grade at Barnum Woods Elementary School took part in a collaborative three-day physical science lesson surrounding waves and binary code.

Starting on January 28, the six teachers alternated classrooms to give a full scope of the various types of waves that are found in water, objects and sound. Students measured amplitudes and wavelengths, the effects of energy on a wave, the changing properties in a wave and how communication can change.

The lesson concluded on January 30 when students were educated on binary code and its place in communication before taking part in a grade-wide activity in the hallway. The group split into two lines outside of the classrooms to demonstrate the transfer of energy by hand squeezing while incorporating the use of communication with binary code. A student at the beginning of the line was given a code to squeeze or not to squeeze their partner’s hand with the effect going down the line, resulting in picking up an object or not based off the initial code.

The theme concluded inside the classroom where students used their knowledge to answer questions with the goal of receiving a key to unlock a mystery box that held a prize for each participant. Once all of the locks had been removed, the mystery box opened and the students were rewarded for three days of science fun!

All About Authors

All About Authors photo

Students in Christina O’Neill’s fifth-grade class at Bowling Green Elementary School saw the reward of hard work when they received their published, “All About Me” books on January 30.

The class started the process of writing at the end of September and then created illustrations for their writing. Each book was compiled of autobiographies written by each student. The books featured stories and events from their lives with corresponding drawings.

Following the completion of each story, Mrs. O’Neill combined the documents to be sent for publication. The students’ excitement mounted before the books arrived and they officially became published authors.

The district congratulates Mrs. O’Neill’s class on their writing ventures and everyone looks forward to reading “All About Me.”

Brain Power on Display

Brain Power on Display photo
Brain Power on Display photo 2
Students at the East Meadow School District’s Bowling Green Elementary School demonstrated their wide range of knowledge by participating in “The Brain Show” on January 23.

“The Brain Show,” according to its website, is an educational trivia contest with the authentic look and feel of a live television game show equipped with music, lockout buzzer systems, chase lighting and LED scoring systems.

The show was broken into three sessions as second through fifth-graders answered age appropriate questions while also encouraging audience participation. Questions covered topics related to math, biology, geography and more.

Following each session, teachers went on stage to answer general knowledge questions chosen by the host, Glen.

Bowling Green extends a special thank you to the PTA for organizing this fun and interactive program.

2019-2020 Application for ALL Non-Public Students


Buncee buddies

Buncee buddies photo
Buncee buddies photo 2
Buncee buddies photo 3
Kindergarten students in Stephanie Lavin’s class at Parkway Elementary School became buddies with Lisa William’s third-grade class in order to collaborate on a variety of interactive lessons.

The buddies first gathered in December when the third-graders educated the kindergarten students how to use FlipGrid on their Google Chromebooks. The students worked so well together that another activity was scheduled for January 17.

By utilizing Chromebooks and the technology software Buncee, the students came together to create “All About Me” boards. Third-grade students conducted interviews of their kindergarten buddies before assisting them in the design of their boards. The activity helped to grow the relationships and built friendships between the buddies. 

“All of the students are looking forward to their next technology adventure,” said Ms. Lavin.

Arcade Tokens Turned Donations

Arcade Tokens Turned Donations photo
Through the creation of arcade games, Barnum Woods Elementary School fifth-graders were able to raise $1,100 to donate to Island Harvest.

The third annual Global Cardboard Challenge was inspired by the 2012 documentary Caine’s Arcade. The film highlights how 9-year-old Caine Monroy built his own cardboard arcade, filled with games and prizes, for customers of his father’s auto parts store. When filmmaker Nirvan Mullick walked in, he became Caine’s first and only customer. Through this experience, Mullick created a documentary about Caine’s arcade while also establishing a scholarship fund for him to attend college.

Fifth-graders at Barnum Woods for the third straight year used the idea to carry out a month-long creation of arcade games made of recycled cardboard and materials. Some examples of the games that students created included foosball, Plinko, pinball and claw machines. Parents, students and staff were invited to come and play for 25 cents per game on December 17, with all money raised going to Island Harvest. 

On January 16, representatives from Island Harvest came to Barnum Woods to collect the donation and to thank the students for their efforts.

“We were extremely proud of the games they created and the generosity of our guests,” said Technology Instructor and Literacy Coach Jaime Assortato.

Art History Tour

Art History Tour photo

Art students from W.T. Clarke High School and East Meadow High School were afforded the opportunity to tour historic mansions and art collections in Rhode Island on January 17 and 18. The students were from upper-level studio art, architectural design and drawing, photography and creative crafts classes.

The tour included visits to the Breakers, Marble House and Rosecliff in Newport as well as explorations of the diverse and rich art collection housed at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum in Providence. The art collection included pieces dating as far back as 4,000 years ago. While visiting the museum, the students were treated to a performance from the RISD music recital series.

“Our recent visit to Rhode Island provided students with a special glimpse into what Gilded Age life was like for families of extraordinary means,” said District Art Chairperson Heather Anastasio. “Our students were very inspired by the art, architecture and landscape. The inspiration will undoubtedly serve to fuel their artistic creativity for months to come.”

Bond Update

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Spring Adult Education Guide Now Available!


Valentines for Veterans

Valentines for Veterans photo
Valentines for Veterans photo 2
Valentines for Veterans photo 3
Students at Bowling Green Elementary School recently participated in Town of Hempstead Councilman Edward A. Ambrosino’s Valentines for Veterans program.

Students were tasked with constructing special Valentine’s Day cards with messages of gratitude to the brave men and women who serve the country. Principal Maria Ciarametaro collected the cards on January 11 and delivered them to Councilman Ambrosino’s office, who will distribute the special messages to the service men and women.

The district thanks Bowling Green for taking part in this great cause!

Driving STEM Program

Driving STEM Program photo
Driving STEM Program photo 2
Students from East Meadow High School and W.T. Clarke High School were afforded the opportunity be part of the STEM High School Composite Technology Program, hosted at the Composite Prototyping Center.

Located in Plainview, the center welcomed students into the state-of-the-art complex as instructors from Vaughn College provided technical and educational aspects of the course. East Meadow High School sophomores Simraniit Kuar and Tyler Robinson and junior Nathaniel Lopez, along with W.T. Clarke High School seniors Nathaniel Lim, Jonathan Melkun and Mostafa Shaalan, represented the district at the program. The group participated in the program on December 4, 11 and 18.

The program delivered an introduction to composite technology designed to give students an appreciation for the field of composite design, engineering and manufacturing. It also exposed them to equipment that is offered by only a few engineering schools in the country.

The goal of the program was to provide students with an introduction to advanced manufacturing at the high school level with the hope of the students seeking similar majors in college and post-graduation careers. Students that successfully complete the program earn a college credit from Vaughn College.

“This has been a great opportunity for our students and district to share space with Vaugh College instructors at a state-of-the-art facility” said East Meadow High School science chairperson Debbie Langone.

Celebrating Authors

Celebrating Authors photo

Fifth-grade students at Parkway Elementary School celebrated their personal narratives on January 10.

Each fifth-grade class spent the past two months brainstorming, creating and executing a personal narrative. With the stories completed and published, the students had the opportunity to share while also reading their peers’ tales. The students swapped classrooms to read several narratives, then left notes on the authors’ compliment sheets.

Narratives included memories ranging from trips to Six Flags to birthday parties and family vacations. When the exercise concluded, students came back to their own desks to view the compliments left by their peers and celebrated with their classmates.

The narratives were an excellent opportunity for students to share personal stories while seeing the chronicles and creativity of their classmates!

Personal Narrative Café

Personal Narrative Café photo

Kara Riley’s third grade class in the East Meadow School District’s Meadowbrook Elementary School transformed their classroom into a Personal Narrative Café on January 8.

The café was opened to celebrate the students’ first published personal narrative writing. The third-graders had been working on the short stories for the past two months by going through the phases of brainstorming, revising, editing, publishing and celebrating.

During the celebration, the students completed a full “book tasting menu” by reading a different peer’s book for each of the four courses (appetizer, salad, main course and dessert). After completing the book “meal,” students turned to their “reflection napkin” where they shared notes on how each of the authors “glowed,” by providing highlights of their books and how they can “grow” by sharing constructive feedback. 

The café was a great way for students to celebrate, share and reflect their two months of hard work!

Student Standouts

Student Standouts photo
Student Standouts photo 2
Student Standouts photo 3
Students in the East Meadow School District recently took part in their respective school spelling and geography bees with winners being crowned the top among their peers.

W.T. Clarke Middle School seventh-grader Akrisht Kaul and Woodland Middle School eighth-grader Sarah Chacko each earned the distinction of spelling bee champion at their school. 

At the elementary level, Bowling Green Elementary School fifth-grader Althea Borleo won the bee by spelling the world “ecology.” Muhammed Bisharat was the runner-up and he and Althea were the final two fifth-graders.

Both middle schools also recently hosted geography bees, with eighth-grade Matthew Vo earning the championship at W.T. Clarke Middle School and seventh-grader Diego Melendez winning the Woodland Middle School contest.

The district congratulates these scholars for their accomplishments and wishes them luck in future contests!

Sophomore Selected for HOBY Ambassador

Sophomore Selected for HOBY Ambassador
East Meadow High School sophomore Noah Diamond was recently selected as a Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership ambassador for the 2018-19 academic year.

Founded in 1958, HOBY is an organization that strives to inspire and develop youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation.

Noah will be an ambassador to participate in the Leadership Conference in June, when he will collaborate with leaders in the worlds of business, government, education and other professions. The conference will also include discussions on current world issues.

Selection is done through a rigorous process that included a writing portion as well as an interview process.

Principal Richard Howard and the entire district congratulates Noah on his selection as a HOBY ambassador.

December in Review

December in Review

Boxing Holiday Gifts

Boxing Holiday Gifts

East Meadow School District’s Barnum Woods Elementary School Student Council continued its traditional Toys for Tots Drive this year by collecting an overwhelming amount of donations.

The Student Council was able to fill 50 boxes of toys, books, dolls, puzzles and board games for those in need. On December 17, the collections were picked up by the United States Marine Corps and sent out for distribution. 

The district thanks advisors Anna Cangelosi, Jackie Chionchio and Pam Lucas for their leadership. A big thanks also goes out to the entire Student Council at Barnum Woods and congratulations on a job well done!

Door Holiday Dressing

Door Holiday Dressing photo
Each class at Parkway Elementary School took part in the tradition of transforming their classroom doors into a winter theme for the annual, “Decorate the Door” event.

Students in grades K-5, as well as the school’s other offices and departments embellished their doors to reflect a holiday and winter theme. Students were encouraged to share ideas with their teachers about ways to create a clever, visually appealing, imaginative and creative door. Part of the task was to also include Parkway school spirit and/or paraphernalia.

On December 19, district administrators were welcomed to take a tour of the school to view the hard work of the participants. Doors included holiday characters, wrapping paper, holiday lights and music. 

“Thank you to the hard work of our teachers and staff for giving our school a feeling of a winter wonderland and to the students for their unique and creative ideas,” said Principal Jamie Mack.

Letters for a Cause

Letters for a Cause photo
Students, faculty and staff at East Meadow High School recently supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation through the Macy’s Believe Campaign by writing holiday wish letters. With the help of many clubs, more than $6,000 was raised.

Each letter written to Santa received a $2 donation to Make-A-Wish through the sponsorship of Macy’s. The donations help grant life-changing wishes across America. This worthwhile cause helps children fight critical illnesses while giving them an opportunity to have a wish come true.

The district commends East Meadow High School for helping to make wishes come true this holiday season!

Bright Future for Quiz Bowl

Bright Future for Quiz Bowl photo
Bright Future for Quiz Bowl photo 2
The W.T. Clarke High School Quiz Bowl team is enjoying its first year in existence and is the brainchild of juniors Arjun Panickssery and Ankit Sayed. Both students are veterans of the W.T. Clarke Middle School history bee and have continued their quest for knowledge.

The program has a varsity and junior varsity team comprised of four members on each team. The varsity team is included in the Regional Quiz Bowl League that covers more than 25 teams from across Long Island. Team practices double as tryouts and no prior experience is needed to join.  Holding practices like this allows different people to try out at each practice. Topics of the quiz bowl range from British writer’s to Bolivian counter-insurgency.  

The Regional League team meets once a month from November to March and there are invitational tournaments throughout the year. The W.T. Clarke varsity team stands at 1-1 this year, which includes a victory against Syosset and a narrowly missed semifinal spot at the Long Island Fall Tournament on November 17 at Kellenberg Memorial High School. 

Under the direction of adviser Adnen Ayari, the Quiz Bowl team looks to succeed, expand and grow in the years to come.

Board Meeting Hits the Right Note

Board Meeting Hits the Right Note photo

The final East Meadow School District Board of Education meeting for the 2018 calendar year was one of celebration in the W.T. Clarke High School auditorium on December 19.

The evening opened with W.T. Clarke High School Principal Timothy Voels and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth A. Card, Jr. accepting citations of congratulations from local legislators for the school being named a 2018 National Blue Ribbon School this past October. In attendance was District 13 Legislator Thomas McKevitt, District 15 Legislator John Ferretti and Assemblyman John Mikulin. County Executive Laura Curran also send along a citation of congratulations.

The night continued with the presentation of “Sounds of the Season” by the East Meadow Music Department. Ten musical groups from throughout the district including the Woodland Middle School Vocal Jazz Ensemble, the Barnum Woods and McVey Fifth-Grade Select Orchestra, the W.T. Clarke High School Select Chorale, the East Meadow High School Handbell Choir, the W.T. Clarke Flute Ensemble, the Woodland Seventh-Grade String Quartet, the East Meadow REACH Music Students, the Combined Rockefeller Center Tube Ensemble, the W.T. Clarke High School Full Chamber Orchestra and the East Meadow All District A Cappella  performed holiday classics such as “Joy to the World,” “O Hanukkah,” “Frosty the Snowman” and many more.

The Board of Education and Central Administration thanks all the performers and staff for putting together a wonderful holiday celebration. Special thanks as well to Director of Music and Art Dr. Christopher Hale and the entire East Meadow music and art programs.

All-American Surprise

All-American Surprise photo
East Meadow High School junior Stephanie Sparkowski received an unexpected surprise while in attendance at a varsity boys’ basketball game on December 10. It was announced that she had been named a girls’ soccer Allstate All-American.

Allstate and MaxPreps collaborated to select 40 girls from across the country that will compete in the inaugural Allstate All-America Cup in Orlando, Fla. this summer. Stephanie’s selection was announced at the game’s halftime via a projector, with a video message from two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist Julie Foudy. Foudy is one of the two female coaches for this summer’s tournament.

The girls’ varsity soccer team was crowned county co-champion this fall with a 12-3-3 record. Stephanie earned All-County and News 12 Varsity All-Long Island Honorable Mention accolades after compiling 91 saves for the season.

“Congratulations to our very own Stephanie Sparkowski for being selected as an Allstate All-American,” said district Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics Kristi Detor. “We are very proud of her!”

Music and Art Staff Spread Knowledge

Music and Art Staff Spread Knowledge photo
Music and Art Staff Spread Knowledge photo 2
Music and Art Staff Spread Knowledge photo 3
The faculty and staff in the music and art departments continue to shape the talents of students while also sharing their knowledge and ideas for teachers and students across the region and state through various professional presentations.

East Meadow was well represented during the Balanced Mind Conference on November 6 at Molloy College with four different individual presentations. W.T. Clarke High School and Middle School music chairperson Jessica Shenker was among the presenters, with a workshop titled “Sound and Sight: Engaging 21st Century Performers and Audiences.” Mrs. Shenker’s discussion centered around ways that professional performing ensembles have included visual presentations. 

W.T. Clarke High School and Middle School music teacher Molly Ingoglia, W.T. Clarke High School music teacher Gregory Krajci and Barnum Woods music teacher Meegan Coleman also presented at Molloy. Each held a workshop with K-12 educators to explore, brainstorm and share ideas regarding various musical topics.

Most recently, East Meadow High School music teacher Zachary Robason held a workshop at the NYSSMA Winter Conference during the weekend of November 29. His workshop, titled “Auxiliary Percussion – Tips and Tricks,” focused on techniques for non-percussionist band directors.

District art teachers are also scheduled to share their knowledge through professional workshops in the coming months. Art teacher Sonya Back will present on “Zenful Zentangles” on January 9 at Woodland Middle School for the Art Supervisors Association. The presentation explores the meditative nature of Zentangles, with participants learning how to create their own design.

Also part of the Art Supervisors Association, art teacher Danielle Sessa will host educators from Nassau County at W.T. Clarke Middle School on March 29 for a “Garden Art” workshop that includes a combination of Mixed Media art techniques and ideas for the art classroom.

“We are always thrilled to share ideas and experiences from East Meadow with surrounding schools and districts,” said District Director of Music and Art Dr. Christopher Hale. “These opportunities are a way to show the great things that happen daily in our district thanks to our extraordinary educators.”

Food Drive to ‘Help a Vet’

Food Drive
Various clubs at East Meadow High School came together during the month of November to promote the “Help a Vet” food drive, which benefited a local veteran food pantry.

As a way to give back to American veterans, the World Hunger Action Club, SADD and the Social Studies Honor Society teamed up to host the effort and spread awareness. Students, teachers and staff at East Meadow High School donated a extraordinary amount of nonperishable items such as cereal, pasta, canned goods, peanut butter and jelly. 

All of the items were donated to the Nassau University Medical Center Veterans Clinic, which is located across the street from East Meadow High School.

“We are overwhelmed with the amount of donations collected during the “Help a Vet” food drive,” said World Hunger Action Club advisor, Margherita Diglio. “The food drive was a great way to give back to our veterans.”